The Safest Ways to Sell Jewelry Online Are Right In Front of You

If you have found yourself in the need for some extra money or simply have some jewelry that you never use and don’t like laying around your house, then you have probably already considered selling it. Selling jewelry can be a very good thing that can potentially bring you a lot of money but, of course, that depends on where and to whom you decide to sell. To help you out, we have put together a few places that most people consider in order to let you know what kind of payment to expect and if it is a safe option for you.


This is probably the first thing that comes to mind for most people regardless of what they are thinking of selling. That is because the people that shop on eBay are always trying to find something specific, like jewelry, but the downside is that they also expect to find that item for a low price. This means that after you go to all the trouble of taking nice photos and putting them up along with a nice a detailed description, you still might end up losing money as well as a massive amount of time. There are also a lot of buyers that will want things like original packaging or a certificate of the jewelry’s authenticity and they still might not end up buying the product. When it comes to safety, selling on eBay is not very safe as you never know what kind of people you’ll come across and you should expect an average price at most.

An Estate Sale

This is something that is mostly associated with selling the jewelry or possessions of a loved one, usually when people either just don’t want to have their memories lingering and they want to sell everything so as to “get over with it”. An estate sale tends to be relatively safe, which is a good thing, however they do require a lot of work and preparation on your part. Another thing that you should do before you hold an estate sale is hire an experienced jeweler that will evaluate the items for you because unless you are a professional yourself, you can’t expect to know what the realistic price of everything is. Something that sucks about estate sales is that people often like to bargain which means that you still may not end up getting the estimated price for the pieces.

Simply go to a reputable jeweler

Honestly, instead of eBay, this should be first instinct for anyone that wants to sell jewelry. There is absolutely nothing that can beat the expertise of a professional because they will be able to thoroughly examine all of the pieces and value them one by one, while also explaining why they are worth that he thinks they are. This is also not only the safest option, but also the option that will most likely bring you the most money as well.

Whether you are someone that likes to get things done with quickly, go online or take your time and find a professional, it is always important to take into consideration all of the options and all of their pros and cons in order to make the best, most educated decision. When you decide to sell jewelry, we would advise to always go for the safest option, because there is nothing more important than that.


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